Is it difficult to be young nowadays?

This issue is taken up by the partnership of EU3doms project through a questionnaire in order to understand better the situation – opportunities, challenges and vision – of young people in Central Europe, with a special regard to youth aged 15-29.

What it is going to be like in 20 years? Why is it difficult for young people today? What skills are needed to become successful? Our aim is to show what our youth thinks of these questions affecting them. Are you a young person living in Miercurea Ciuc, Lendava, Hévíz and its surrounding areas or in Serbia? If so, please help us: tell us what you think, share your opinion!

Your participation is voluntary and anonym, it is expected that the questionnaire will take no more than 8-10 minutes to complete. Your responses will be kept confidential. The information provided will be used solely for research purposes of the EU3doms project.

The questionnaire is open till 24 November 2017, so click on the respective link and share your thoughts!

For young people in Hévíz and its surrounding areas >> questionnaire in Hungarian

For young people in Miercurea Ciuc >> questionnaire in Hungarian

For young people in Lendava >> questionnaire in Hungarian

For young people in Serbia >> questionnaire in Serbian