Civil liberties, background of the four freedoms, in focus

For 11 month the project EU3doms has presented, analysed, and discussed the four EU freedoms within the wider context of the civil freedoms (liberties) in Europe and the present condition of the European Union.

This has been done from various perspectives by different actors such as scientists, public employees of municipal and regional entities, civil society organizations and youth.

In the final conference we would like to come back to the civil liberties as background for the the four freedoms of the EU.

Their status as well as their significance in EU policies inwards and towards its neighbours and oversee partners will be in the centre of interest on 15 November in the Esterházy Palace.

The conference will shed light on four different aspects of the role, function and significance of the civil liberties in the EU and its politics. We will analyse the EU foreign relations and actions, the social perspective of civil liberties, the meaning of freedom and liberties in a chatoyant multi-cultural environment. Furthermore a youth group from Bratislava will present a short video on their perspective of freedom and liberties. All four aspects will be interactively deepened workshops in the afternoon. By this the conference will add significantly to the understanding of the manifold aspects of freedom in modern European societies and the EU in a globalised world.

On the occasion of the final conference of the EU3doms project the hosting partner organizations invited to a special ceremonial address CIVIS EUROPAEUS SUM by Hungarian author of high renown György Konrád. György Konrád is one of the most important voices in present Europe. He has put the issue of freedom at the centre of his work ever since he escaped Nazi and Arrow Cross pursuers in Budapest. György Konrád placed special emphasis on the Central and Eastern European region, the Danubian Europe which is the focus of our joint project, long before the fall of the iron curtain and times when the term Danubian became fashionable and omnipresent. Suffering from and surviving the two barbarian totalitarian regimes that deformed Europe and its societies so profoundly György Konrád is a voice to be heard in the framework of the EU 3Doms project.

As the ceremonial address will be open to the general public, Mr. Konrád will deliver his words in German. An English and a Hungarian version of the address will be shared among the participants beforehand. The public discussion following the lecture will be open to German and English questions and comments.

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Read the ceremonial address here in Hungarian »

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