Final conference of EU3doms in Eisenstadt

The project is approaching to its end thus we are making the preparations for the final conference which will be held in Eisenstadt on 15 November 2017. The event will provide a nice summary of most topics targeted during the project events and activities, including the four freedoms, youth, multiculturalism, as well as current challenges of the EU and the topics discussed.

The event will be attended by partners’ representatives including students having won the first prices of photo competitions at each partner launched at the beginning of the project. In addition, our aim is to gather a good mixture of relevant stakeholders, including policy-makers, experts and civil society. To broaden its outreach, the event is open for the public.

The event will also provide a good occasion to draw lessons learnt during EU3doms and discuss the future of the cooperation launched by this project among the five partners from five different European countries. Also, we will disseminate the main outcomes of the project with a special regard to the briefings prepared on the four freedoms (electronic copy available here too).

Lastly, the event will be closed by the ceremonial address given by György Konrád author and essayist.

The detailed agenda can be found here »