European values to be promoted by all of us



The international event “# EU4YOU: European citizenship – What Does It Mean For Me?” was held on Friday, September 8, 2017, in the StartIT Center in Novi Sad. The event represents the Day of the Four Freedoms of the European Union, which so far, except in Novi Sad, was held in Belgrade, Niš and in Mirkurea Ciuc, Romania and in Heviz, Hungary.

The day brought together over forty representatives of local self-government units, civil society organizations, media and youth from Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, and Austria. The Novi Sad day was concerned with how local government units contribute to the promotion of European values among young people. The event was organized by the Belgrade Open School (BOS), in cooperation with the OPENS – European Youth Capital 2019: Novi Sad (OPENS) and the Information Corner of the European Union in Novi Sad.

Opening remarks were given by Vukašin Grozdanović from OPENS, Milica Škiljević, from the BOS, Marina Grnja from the Information Corner of the European Union in Novi Sad.  “As representatives of local self-governments, the business sector and civil society, we must present our values and behaviors with the European values we promote” Vukašin Grozdanović said. After opening remarks, a round table “Local self – government” was held where the representatives from Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Austria together with Bojana Jevtovic from BOS, had the opportunity to debate the important role of local governments in promoting European values among young people.

During the event, its successful story was presented by the organization OPENS – The Youth Capital of Europe 2019: Novi Sad, Serbia.

Within this day it was held a workshop “EU citizenship” for high school students on. Also within the event was opened an exhibition of the most successful student works that came to the prize competition, which dealt with topics related to the EU. The International Literacy Day was also marked and an Open library was organized in which the participants exchanged books.

The event is part of the project “Debate on the future of the four freedoms of the EU: Freedom of the EU”, which the Belgrade Open School conducts with the support of the EU through the program “Europe for Citizens”. In addition to BOŠ, the Municipality of Hévíz (Hungary), Council of Harghita County (Romania), Lendava Municipality (Slovenia) and Foster Europe organization (Austria) participated in the project. The next event on the subject of four EU freedoms will be held in Slovenia in Lendava.