EU Freedoms All Around You: Next Day of The Four Freedoms in Hévíz

The upcoming EU3doms event will be held in Hévíz on 21, August. Save the date since the event is waiting for all ages. Come if you are kid and play exciting games, such as Activity, Taboo, Giant board game and much more. Come if you are student and improve your skills regarding debate and assertive opinion expression. Do not know how Family guy can be related to the European Commission? Come and explore it! If you are interested in at least one of the following questions, the mini-conference is for you: What is the future of the EU’s Four Freedoms? How can a local enterprise be competitive comparing to foreign investors? How can I exploit the opportunities provided by the EU regarding mobility of people, goods, services and capital?

This EU-day in Hévíz will consist of various programmes to bring the Union closer to its citizens and facilitate active debate on the future of the EU’s Four Freedoms. Experts will discuss on topics which influence our everyday life. Youngsters, decision makers, entrepreneurs and other citizens will present their success stories regarding EU freedoms in practice. Vlog presentation will compare success stories from the Miercurea Ciuc event with Hungarian examples. You can test your knowledge about the European Union through playful and interactive tasks and quiz at a thematic EU-stand. Moreover, backed by the Day of the Four Freedoms culinary fair, arts and crafts fair and other exciting cultural programmes will await guests in the framework of Wine Festival of Hévíz.

Ps. do not forget that the prize award of the photo competition “What do EU freedoms mean for you?” and the opening ceremony of the travelling exhibition will be organized after the conference.

Click here to find the detailed programme: