Young entrepreneurs need to be supported

 At the The Day of the Four Freedoms in Miercurea Ciuc organised at 5th of May several topic related to EU and national youth policy were discussed, giving a special focus to the topic of youth entrepreneurship, development of skills and competences, volunteering and sharing good practices.

Bíró Barna Botond, the vice president of Harghita County Council welcomed the participants and briefly talked about the four freedoms of the European Union. He underlined that young people from Eastern-Europe  benefit mostly from the free movement of people, seeking a better livelihood or participating in international educational or volunteering programs. He also stressed that people are inclined to emphasize only the disadvantages of working abroad despite of the fact that this type of crisis offers several opportunities too.

We have to focus on the other tree freedoms of the EU too, that is why we have to support young people and entrepreneurs in order to benefit from all the freedoms of the European Union. It is crucial to inform them about what kind of benefits and opportunities do they have – emphasized the vice president of the county council.

After the welcome speech the winners of the photo competition (From the Four Freedoms of the EU which is your favorite and why?) have been announced. At the photo exhibition participants had the opportunity to see the awarded photos from Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and Austria too.

The first session of the event focused on the benefits of the four freedoms of the European Union, respectively on how to support youth entrepreneurship. Panelists presented the opportunities young entrepreneurs have in establishing a business and highlighted  the barriers of the national and EU legislation and financial support system. Another topic of the discussion focused on the implementation of the entrepreneurial culture into the education system. Panelists emphasized that the interest and potential of young people to become entrepreneurs needs to be strongly helped by fostering entrepreneurial mindsets and attitudes in education and training. The focus should be on learning soft and core skills, including problem-solving, team-building, social and civic competences or initiative taking. They also stressed that young people who receive vocational education need practical and entrepreneurial skills, because of the greater mobility of their skillset. This is especially important in case of Eastern European countries facing with the problem of brain drain, constantly losing its young talented people with high professional skills because of the low wages compared with Northern states.

The second session focused on the topic of the four freedoms in practice, where young and innovative entrepreneurs presented their stories on business development. They talked about business idea development, tax system, financial support opportunities both at EU and national level, and the way young people can benefit from the freedoms of the EU when it comes to start a business.

At the World Cafe Table young participants had the opportunity to share their views on education, volunteering and entrepreneurship with experts in the specific field. The aim of this session was to explore the benefits of the four freedoms and to share opinions on the three topic. Furthermore, in the framework of a handcrafted activity students made a collage related to the topic of the four freedoms.

At the end of the day event participants and project partners visited the Csiki Bear Manufactory in Sânsimion (Csíkszentsimon), where the history and the development of the business idea were presented at a guided tour.