The project EU3doms aims to launch a series of debates on the future of Europe with a special focus on the 4 freedoms of the EU. These are relevant for all partners to establish a long-term cooperation for the exchange of experiences through an intercultural dialogue.

The debate with various target groups of citizens aims to engage them directly in several aspects of their life through taking part in discussions, making them aware of the possibility of shaping policies. EU3doms applies various methods, i.e. exhibitions, competitions, flash mobs, living libraries, EU modelling, success stories to reach out broad audience and provide a forum for debate among citizens to let them express their opinion and show the importance of their involvement of decision-making. The organization of 7 events under the title “Day of the Four Freedoms” with multiple activities is foreseen. The various aspects are:

  • Free movement of people: mobility of seniors, mobility of employees, challenge for the countryside regions to attract skilled workforce, flow of migrants resulting in resettled border controls.
  • Free movement of services: mobility of self-employed persons to provide services abroad and the freedom of EU citizens to take certain services (i.e. medical) at the same conditions as host countries’ citizens.
  • Free movement of goods and capital: competitiveness of local enterprises compared to foreign investors, penetrating to foreign markets, young entrepreneurs.

The Days of the Four Freedoms will take place in the following way:

Place Date
Belgrade 2017.03.24
Miercurea Ciuc 2017.05.06
Nis 2017.06.09
Hévíz 2017.08.21
Novi Sad 2017.09.08
Lendava 2017.10.24
Eisenstadt 2017.11.15

Citizens’ opinion will be gathered through online surveys and the results will be analysed in short briefings providing background for the events. Outcomes of each event including policy recommendations prepared with the involvement of citizens will be incorporated in a final publication and will be presented at the final conference inviting experts and national, EU policy makers to draw the attention on the importance of the 4 freedoms, the main challenges and possible solutions to overcome them.